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Located in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Wyndham City covers an area of approximately 542 square kilometers and is one of the fastest-growing local government areas in Australia. With a population of over 270,000 people, Wyndham City is a diverse and multicultural community with a rich history that dates back thousands of years.

Indigenous History

The area now known as Wyndham City was originally inhabited by the Wathaurong people, who lived along the coast and hinterland of the Bellarine Peninsula, the Surf Coast and the Western Plains of Victoria. The Wathaurong people had a rich cultural tradition and were skilled hunters and gatherers who relied on the land and the sea for food and resources.

The Wathaurong people had a deep spiritual connection to the land and believed that the natural world was alive with spiritual beings. They had a complex system of laws and customs that governed their social and cultural practices and were known for their elaborate ceremonies and rituals.

Early European Settlement

The first European settlement in the Werribee area was established in 1835 when John Batman obtained a pastoral lease for the area. In 1837, Thomas Chirnside and his brother Andrew established a sheep station on the Werribee River, which became one of the largest pastoral holdings in Victoria.

The Chirnside family played a significant role in the development of the Werribee area and were responsible for the construction of many of the region's iconic buildings, including the Werribee Mansion, the Chirnside Homestead and the St. Andrew's Church.

20th Century Developments

The 20th century saw significant changes in the Werribee area, as the region underwent a rapid transformation from a rural community to a suburban one. The construction of the Princes Highway in the 1920s and the completion of the Werribee Sewage Treatment Plant in the 1960s were two major developments that had a profound impact on the region.

In the post-war period, the Victorian government launched a program of suburban expansion, which saw the construction of new housing estates in the Werribee area. The population of the region continued to grow throughout the latter half of the 20th century, as new migrants from around the world came to settle in Wyndham City.

Recent Developments

The 21st century has seen Wyndham City continue to grow and develop, with significant investment in infrastructure, transport and housing. The completion of the Regional Rail Link in 2015 provided a major boost to the region, with improved transport links connecting Werribee to the Melbourne CBD and other regional centers.

The region has also become a hub for education and research, with the establishment of the Victoria University Werribee Campus and the government-funded Werribee East Employment Precinct. These developments have helped to create new employment opportunities and support the growth of local businesses.


Wyndham City is a vibrant and diverse community with a rich cultural heritage and a proud history of innovation and progress. From its early days as a pastoral region to its current status as a thriving and dynamic urban area, Wyndham City has undergone many changes over the centuries, but its commitment to growth and development remains steadfast.

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