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Wyndham City Eco Green

Wyndham City in Victoria, Australia, is a haven for businesses that actively contribute to Eco Green. These businesses are committed to sustainable practices, carbon neutral initiatives, and reducing their environmental impact. By supporting these businesses, you join forces with them to create a future where the community thrives alongside the planet. Here are some of the businesses that are leading the charge in Eco Green in Wyndham City.

1. Biotect

Biotect is a company that provides innovative environmental solutions to businesses and construction projects. They offer sustainable solutions for water conservation, waste management, and renewable energy. Through their innovation, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, optimize resource use, and gain significant cost savings. With a keen focus on sustainable practices, Biotect is an excellent partner for firms that want to achieve sustainability without sacrificing profitability.

Contact: Phone: 0438 352 997, Email: info@biotect.com.au

2. Greenlease

Greenlease is a leasing company that provides eco-friendly vehicles for personal and business use. They offer a range of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicles, all with low carbon emissions. By selecting one of Greenlease's vehicles, you're not only reducing your carbon footprint, but you're also supporting a business that's committed to a sustainable future.

Contact: Phone: 1300 355 400, Email: enquiries@greenlease.com.au

3. Wyndham Eco Cleaning Solutions

Wyndham Eco Cleaning Solutions is a commercial cleaning company that provides eco-friendly cleaning solutions. They only use biodegradable, chemical-free cleaning products and equipment, making them a go-to choice for businesses that want to minimize their environmental impact. Beyond this, their service provides health benefits, reducing the effects of toxic chemicals on staff and customers.

Contact: Phone: 0414 440 959, Email: wyndhamecocleaning@gmail.com

4. Enviromatt

Enviromatt is a local manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly mats. All Enviromatt's products are made with recycled materials, such as rubber and plastic, reducing landfill waste. They offer a range of products, including entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats, and gym mats. By choosing Enviromatt's products, you're contributing to a cleaner environment while promoting sustainability in the community.

Contact: Phone: 1300 232 873, Email: info@enviromatt.com.au

5. Battery Energy

Battery Energy is a renewable energy company that provides cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions to businesses in Wyndham City. They specialize in solar panel installation, adding value to business operations and reducing their carbon footprint. By investing in renewable energy, businesses can enjoy long-term cost savings and become champions in the fight against climate change.

Contact: Phone: 1300 854 995, Email: info@batteryenergy.com.au

6. Second Life IT

Second Life IT is an IT asset disposal company that promotes a circular economy. They refurbish and resell IT equipment, reducing landfill waste and promoting reuse. Additionally, they safely dispose of any unusable equipment, recycling it to avoid harmful waste impacts. Businesses that work with Second Life IT are not only promoting sustainability but also ensuring their data security is compliant with local and international standards.

Contact: Phone: 1800 733 881, Email: info@secondlifeit.com.au

7. City West Water

City West Water is a government-owned water utility company operating in Wyndham City. They provide safe drinking water and wastewater services with a strong focus on sustainable practices. Their "Beyond Zero Emissions" initiative aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040, reducing the environmental impact and operating costs for the community. By working with City West Water, businesses can contribute to a cleaner environment while supporting a sustainable community.

Contact: Phone: 131 691, Email: customer.service@citywestwater.com.au

Wyndham City has many businesses that are committed to sustainable practices and Eco Green initiatives. By supporting these businesses, we can work together to create a sustainable future where the community thrives alongside the planet.

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